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Vulcano: a visionary construction project

Three slim 80-metre towers now dominate the skyline of Zurich's Altstetten district. On a former industrial site, the “total” (design-and-build) contractor and real estate developer Steiner AG, working together with CSA Real Estate Switzerland – a Credit Suisse investment group – have created a spectacular high-rise project: “Vulcano”. The complex comprises 300 high-quality flats and business apartments with “smart-home” comfort, a hotel, and a number of shops, catering and leisure facilities.


Vulcano 360°

The area around Zurich-Altstetten station is being transformed from a purely industrial and commercial site into a vibrant quarter in which people live and work. The state-of-the-art Vulcano complex with its line of three towers is a new landmark that is visible even a long way off. Take a 360° flight around the 26-storey high-rises and get a bird’s eye view of Zurich’s iconic new structure!


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Time-lapse video of the construction process

About two years elapsed between the laying of the foundation stone and handover of the project to the clients. On average, the partner companies working with Steiner AG took just seven working days to erect each storey. In the following time-lapse video, you can see how quickly Vulcano grew, floor by floor.


Supplement in NZZ am Sonntag

The Sunday paper “NZZ am Sonntag” brought out an exclusive supplement to mark the Vulcano project (published on 13 January 2019). Here you can download the electronic version of this publication and find out lots of interesting facts about the innovative Vulcano project in Zurich-Altstetten (only available in German).


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