MANUFAKT8409 - Winterthur

Functional and economical construction

The key attributes of the MANUFAKT8409 project are its simple and efficient building structure and its clear-cut architectural style, which will make the development a worthy gateway to the Neuhegi district. The building is pivoted around the publicly accessible courtyard, which is also the main point of arrival. At ground level, space will be provided around this courtyard for various communal activities and amenities with appeal for the general public. In total, the five-storey property will comprise around 7100 m² of modern, flexible-use floorspace that will be made available for office, industrial and other commercial uses.

Implementation of this carefully thought-out design for MANUFAKT will provide Winterthur’s Neuhegi district with an innovative and multifunctional complex for office and light-industrial use. This is already the third innovative business park project to be launched in the context of Steiner’s MANUFAKT concept, which strives to achieve a timeless and distinctive architectural style.

Facts and Figures

Real Estate Development
Construction period
2023 - 2025
Steiner AG
Office, Industry
Superdraft Studio GmbH, Basel
Property area m²

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