Feldmühle-Areal - Rorschach

Contemporary homes at a site with an industrial past

Formerly home to the world’s largest embroidery factory, the Feldmühle site in Rorschach is now undergoing redevelopment as a mixed-use estate. Occupying a 35,919 m² plot, the scheme includes rental and privately owned apartments, commercial units for public use, plazas, green spaces and peaceful courtyards.


Though currently located in an industrial planning zone, the site will be transformed into a modern urban focal point under a development concept framed by Rorschach's municipal authorities. A number of industrial structures will be retained to recall the new neighbourhood's past. The Feldmühle site is attractively located in the centre of Rorschach close to the railway station. Lake Constance with its idyllic waterfront areas is only a five-minute walk from the site.

Facts and Figures

Real Estate Development
Construction period
2022 - 2025
Steiner Investment Foundation

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