Chemin de la Montagne 96 - 134 - Chêne-Bougeries

Complete modernization and expansion of a residential complex

As part of one of the most extensive refurbishments of a residential complex in the Canton of Geneva, Steiner SA – acting in a capacity as general contractor for Swiss Life – completed the renovation of 311 apartments spread over two buildings (buildings I and Z) at le chemin de la Montagne in Chênes-Bougeries. Vertical extension through the addition of two storeys made the construction of 88 new apartments possible. The project involved considerable resources and coordination efforts, given that the work was completed on a semi-occupied site.

The presence of tenants posed a significant challenge and meant that a specific support framework was required. Communication with tenants was facilitated by a mediation service put in place by Steiner. Despite posing a major logistical challenge, moves to other apartments were organised for the duration of the renovation work. This allowed disturbance and disruption to be kept to a minimum for tenants, who can now enjoy new building services installations and look forward to lower energy bills.

The renovation has increased the energy efficiency of the apartment buildings, which were built in 1965 and relied on oil heating. Thanks to the work on the facade and the installation of a new heating system, one of the two buildings has been awarded a Minergie Renovation label. Part of the electricity required is generated on site via 168 solar panels. Heat pumps were also installed to cover a portion of the heating requirements, thus supplementing the gas heating system. The pumps were connected up with the ventilation system so as to make heat recovery possible. A total of 672 windows were replaced in building I, resulting in an impressive mobilisation of teams from Steiner AG.

An average of around 70 people were active in the project between July 2017 and March 2021. The scope of the work involved included refurbishment of the buildings (with asbestos removal), seismic reinforcement on one of the buildings, the renewal of sanitary pipes and areas, and the replacement of the heating system. In total, 530 toilets and 539 washbasins were installed, and all kitchens and entrance doors were refurbished. Tenants will be able to enjoy new outdoor spaces, with a play area and a new underground cark park with 84 parking spaces. A communal vegetable garden will also be made available to the residents.

Facts and Figures

Chemin de la Montagne 96 - 134
Renovation and Refurbishment
Construction period
2017 - 2021
Swiss Life AG
SSR3 Architectes

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