Augenklinik Luzern - Luzern

Expansion wing in view

Steiner was commissioned to refurbish and expand the eye clinic at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital in three stages while hospital operations continued. The new eye clinic building occupies a conspicuous location directly at the entrance to Lucerne Cantonal Hospital. The new expansion wing is an L-shaped structure connected to the existing five-storey building.


The energy-efficient refurbishment included installation of a new envelope enclosing the whole building ensemble: the rhythmic gridded assembly that wraps around the entire complex unites the different façade sections and stitches together the new and existing fabric.

Facts and Figures

Augenklinik Luzern
New Construction, Renovation and Refurbishment
Construction period
2013 - 2016
Luzerner Kantonsspital
Schneider & Schneider
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