Oftringen Im Obstgarten - Oftringen

An ambitious project

Steiner was commissioned by the Pension Fund of the Swiss Bar Association to plan and execute a residential development on a realigned plot of land which had formerly consisted of five lots. The project was to include both rental and owner-occupied apartments.


Negotiations with the landowners, appearing as communities of heirs, were particularly challenging. While negotiating the realignment of an additional piece of land measuring over 10,000 m², Steiner also has the opportunity to mediate a legal dispute with neighbours. An existing late 19th-century villa and a building complex known as "the shed" present further complications. Steiner will dismantle the "shed" and rebuild it in a different location as a live-in studio. Steiner is combining the existing and new buildings with the contemporary landscape architecture into an attractive overall concept.

Facts and Figures

Oftringen Im Obstgarten
Real Estate Development
Construction period
2015 - 2017
Pensionskasse Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband PKSAV, Bern
Frei Architekten AG, Aarau / Klötzli Friedli Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Bern
Property area m²

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