En Budron - Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

A building bathed in light for service activities

The modular spaces created in this modern building make generous use of sunlight. They are organized around a large patio. The building offers an optimal infrastructure for the various tenant companies.


Steiner has been commissioned as a general contractor to build an administrative building for tertiary activities. In addition to the ground floor where offices and storage space are located, the building consists of two upper floors housing offices and a basement containing a car park, warehouses and technical premises.


Located at the gateway to Lausanne, this building with multiple uses is characterized by innovative facades. The latter combine concrete structures and openings on the ground floor. On the two upper floors, the façades are made of wood and glazing. In order to limit sun exposure in the offices, sliding textile surfaces are placed above the glass panes.

Facts and Figures

En Budron
New Construction
Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Construction period
2013 - 2014
Fidfund Management SA
A & C Architecture + Consultant Sàrl
Property area m²
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