MANUFAKT8048, Zurich

A flexible, networked future.


The new MANUFAKT8048 business complex was conceived as a minimalist “blank” and, at the same time, a prototype for future-proof service-sector and production sites. Located close to Zurich-Altstetten rail station, this building developed by Steiner AG offers a total of 14,500 m² of prestigious commercial space that can be customised according to individual users’ requirements.


Manufakt is all about quality jobs for the future, Industry 4.0, and digitalisation of industrial production. 


With its innovative concept and adoption of the Manufakt brand, Steiner AG is helping to bring trades and services back into the city. The Altstetten North district around the station has changed radically in recent years, transforming itself from an industrial to a service-sector location. 


The multi-tenant Manufakt building offers a diverse range of SMEs from innovative sectors premises that can be adapted flexibly for production, administration and services. Attractive shared spaces, such as fully equipped meeting rooms, encounter zones and a central courtyard, enable tenants to readily interact.


The Manufakt brand was developed at Steiner AG's request. The company worked together with a branding agency to draw up a “White Book” detailing the underlying principles of the brand, which revolves around modular building complexes in the urban context. Manufakt is committed to resource-sparing construction and energy standards as well as to energy-efficiency and sustainable real estate management.


The Manufakt concept will soon be adopted at other commercial sites close to Switzerland's main cities. In the next few years, the second such business park – MANUFAKT8804 – will be completed in Wädenswil and another – MANUFAKT8409 – is planned for Winterthur's Neuhegi district.


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