Maison de la Paix, Geneva

Steiner's light-touch alternative to run-of-the-mill urban design.


A spectacular glass complex in the heart of Geneva celebrates the lightness of its six "petals". The Maison de la Paix (House of Peace) ranks among the most stunning feats of contemporary architecture in western Switzerland.


Poetic architecture that stands out against mundane urban design.


But is it all just a facade? Far from it. The multi-layer assembly of the building's glass envelope vouches for first-rate thermal and noise control while optimising the indoor micro-climate and air quality.


This is a building without a single straight wall, where everything seems to be in flux. The abundant curvilinear geometries reinforce the feeling of movement and lend the spaces their particular harmony. A perfect workflow is guaranteed.


This remarkable building complies with the Swiss Minergie energy-efficiency standard. It houses three international centres and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.


As witnessed by visitors to the restaurant with its Alpine views or the 4,500 m2 library, the building's airy feel is all-pervasive. The public facilities are complemented by stylish meeting rooms and a 500-plus-seat auditorium.


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