Gloggeguet, Schaffhausen

Historic estate given a modern frame.


The Gloggeguet estate covers 24,223 m² of park-like land at Herblingen, a rural community near Schaffhausen. This generously proportioned plot gave Steiner AG's experienced project planners ample scope for developing their vision of a varied living environment for young and old. 


The former estate building is the core feature of the new development, giving it a distinctive identity.


The listed main building of the former country estate formed the core of the scheme. In close cooperation with the heritage body, this was converted into a child daycare centre – the first construction phase of the project. Construction of the residential development then advanced step-by-step, forming a U-shaped complex of five new-build apartment blocks comprising a total of 27 rented and 71 privately owned units.


With their uncomplicated design and matching colour-scheme, the new buildings blend in with the plain architecture of the old estate building. Their loggias, balconies and terraces provide a light and airy link between the outdoor spaces and the buildings’ interiors. 


The new buildings conform to Minergie standards, with heating supplied from climate-friendly borehole heat pumps. Moreover, sustainable concrete containing “mixed-rubble” cement was used in their construction (this type of cement incorporates particles recycled from building waste).


The overall development hinges on a masterplan that was presented both to the authorities and to local residents in the course of the planning process, thus creating the basis of trust necessary for this large-scale project. 


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