Glasi Quarter, Bülach

Densified urban design offering a high quality of life.


The site of the former glassworks in the northern part of Bülach is being transformed into a new, vibrant urban district. The 20,000 m2 Glasi Quarter will offer attractive places to meet and talk along with ample space for homes, workplaces and leisure facilities.


Broad mix of spaces for integration and social diversity.


Key issues have included the integration of the new quarter in the existing urban fabric of Bülach, the implications for neighbouring residents and inclusive planning for the elderly. For Steiner, an open dialogue with local residents is key to every project and also preceded the development of the Glasi scheme.


Developing new properties means understanding what people need – now and in future. This is the only way to turn new buildings into genuine homes and public plazas into bustling neighbourhoods. Contented intergenerational living ranks among Steiner's top project priorities.


As early as 2021, the various squares and alleys of the Glasi Quarter will be infused with new life: the new district will bring together young and old, families and couples, singles and flat-sharers. The scheme also includes a residential and care centre to help senior citizens manage and enjoy their day-to-day life.


Living means more than having a roof over your head. In our role as developer, design-and-build and general contractor, we view buildings and people from a life-cycle perspective, and our decisions determine the quality of life and futures of coming generations.


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