27 March 2023

Agreement with alliance partners for the "Zukunftspforte Menziken" project

Zurich, 27 March 2023 – Steiner AG and its alliance partners signed the agreement for the "Zukunftspforte Menziken" real estate development project last Friday. This project will be implemented using the progressive IPD method, where the developer involves all key interest groups such as architects, design consultants and relevant subcontractors in the project collaboratively from an early stage. 
Up to now, a silo mentality has been common in the planning and realisation of construction projects. That hampered consultation both between those involved and with the client, so good ideas were not taken up and in many cases the knowledge of the companies executing the project was not used. Real estate developer Steiner AG has therefore decided to use the progressive IPD method for project execution. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a radical new approach that fosters close collaboration between all key parties from the start and keeps the focus on the success of the project. In other words, the silo mentality ("best for me") is replaced by a common goal ("best for the project"). As well as sharing the risks, all partners in the alliance participate in the success of the project.
To ensure successful introduction and realisation of this new approach, Steiner AG is being supported by refine Schweiz AG, which specialises in the IPD and LEAN methods. In addition, Dr Wolf. S. Seidel from the Seidel & Partner law firm is providing the necessary legal assistance in structuring the new contracts for execution of the "Zukunftspforte Menziken" project.
An alliance of strong and reliable partners 
The IPD method enables all project partners to increase the value they add. At the same time, they benefit from shared access to data from the beginning and break down communication barriers. The IPD method is enhanced by the parties working together at the co-location, LEAN planning and systematic use of BIM. The alliance for the "Zukunftspforte Menziken" project, which Steiner AG has chosen as its first IPD project, is almost complete. 
The following partners have been secured: 

  • Lead design: GKS Architekten Generalplaner AG
  • Structural engineer: EBP Schweiz AG
  • HVAC, plumbing & electrical design: HEFTI.HESS.MARTIGNONI Aarau AG 
  • Electrical installations: Eniwa AG
  • Landscape architecture: Planikum AG
  • Building shell: Leuthard Bau AG
  • Developer: Steiner AG

A partner is still needed for each of the following areas: 

  • HVAC installation
  • Construction management shell + fit-out

Steiner AG intends to use the IPD method for all complex major projects in the future. 
A calling card for Menziken
The approximately 10,700 m² former industrial site in the centre of Menziken village in Aargau offers enormous potential for development. Together with its alliance partners, Steiner AG is planning an attractive development with around 180 rental and owner-occupied apartments that appeal to all generations and population groups. The "Zukunftspforte Menziken" project also includes commercial premises on the ground floor. Assuming the project proceeds on schedule, the construction phase is expected to start in 2025. 
A sharing community
Together with one11 and Trinamo AG, which will operate the rented commercial space, the aim is to realise a sharing community concept. To foster strong identification with the neighbourhood and networking with local residents, the plans include shared spaces, the establishment of a community association and a "one11" digital communication platform. Personal contact points in the neighbourhood and the digital platform will enable people to network and will enhance the visibility and accessibility of all types of services that are available to support them in their daily lives. A sharing community that enables everyone to participate, share, offer and search for what they need. 
Steiner AG
Steiner AG is a leading real estate service provider with a focus on project development and construction. Founded in 1915, it has its headquarters in Zurich and is represented by branches in Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Tolochenaz and Geneva. With a development portfolio worth more than CHF 6 billion, Steiner is one of Switzerland's largest real estate developers. Its portfolio comprises a wide range of residential, office, industrial and logistics projects plus proprietary product innovations such as the Werkarena, Manufakt and Steiner Hybrid Hotel brands. In French-speaking Switzerland, Steiner Construction is the market leader in real estate construction operating on the total (design-and-build) and general contractor principle. Steiner AG contributes its 100-plus years of experience to the two recently established business areas: Steiner Financial Initiatives for new investment solutions, and Steiner Digital for digital collaboration platforms serving properties' entire life cycles.
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Steiner AG and its alliance partners signed the agreement for the "Zukunftspforte Menziken" real estate development project on March 24, 2023.

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