27 September 2021

La Colline is being built

Steiner AG is delighted that the “La Colline” real estate project in Arlesheim can be continued and completed following the Federal Supreme Court’s positive ruling on the previously issued building permit. 
With this decision, the Federal Supreme Court has strengthened the principle that a developer may rely on a legally issued building permit. In the current case, any qualification of this principle would be all the more serious given that the building permit in question is ultimately supported by a referendum held in 2013, two cantonal court rulings, and a legally valid land-use plan.
The developer and Steiner AG are keen to stress that they have adhered to all requirements of procedural law over the course of many years in the process of obtaining a legally valid building permit, resulting in said building permit being issued on 25 October 2019 and entering into legal effect without being contested. Helvetia Nostra, which did not become involved in the planning application procedure in any way, nor in the prior process of drawing up a land-use plan, demanded that the site in question be retrospectively incorporated into the inventory of natural sites worthy of protection, and that the approved “Uf der Höchi – II” land-use plan be declared null and void. In addition, the plaintiff wanted the legally valid building permit to be revoked. 
Both the cantonal government and the cantonal court of Basel-Landschaft rejected this petition with convincing arguments. Helvetia Nostra then submitted an appeal against this decision to the Federal Supreme Court, where by way of an interim preventative measure it appealed for the developer to be prohibited under threat of punishment from making any changes to the landscape or its vegetation for the duration of the legal proceedings. The application for the imposition of interim measures was rejected by the Federal Supreme Court on 5 November 2020, which is why the temporarily interrupted construction work could then be resumed. 
Steiner is an advocate of environmental protection 
Steiner AG has more than 105 years of experience in the development and construction of high-quality, sustainable real estate projects. Where the La Colline development in Arlesheim is concerned, Steiner AG has gone well beyond statutory requirements in addressing environmental and natural protection issues. 
During the construction phase, numerous drainage channels and crossings were put place in the area surrounding the new buildings. Furthermore, Steiner AG has ensured that a sufficient flow of water is guaranteed during the construction phase thanks to various additional structural and technical measures. 
More nature – thanks to compensating measures
Sustainable considerations lie at the heart of all Steiner AG’s real estate projects. This is particularly true of the residential development La Colline, which has a large amount of open space and is being constructed in line with the Minergie P standard. In the future, green areas will account for more than half of the total site. Moreover, Steiner AG has committed to the sustainable upgrading and expansion of the natural habitat along the Schwinbach waterway. Throughout the La Colline site, Steiner AG is putting in place improvement measures to counteract any decline in the number of species and promote biodiversity. 
Premium-quality architecture combined with a high standard of living
The La Colline development, which Steiner AG has been commissioned by the developer to construct, comprises five apartment blocks containing 29 attractive privately-owned apartments and 16 terraced single-family houses. Its premium-quality architecture – in which the attractive wooden façades take centre stage – will blend perfectly into the surroundings and make the development an ideal complement to the existing estate of detached houses. 
Anyone interested in these privately-owned apartments or terraced single-family houses can find an overview of the most recently available units on the website www.la-colline-arlesheim.ch.
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The “La Colline” real estate project in Arlesheim can be continued and completed following the Federal Supreme Court’s positive ruling on the previously issued building permit. 

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