23 October 2020

Upcoming project: Floating Gardens in Zug

Steiner AG is developing two residential properties in the Hasenbüel district of Zug, which will fit in perfectly with the surrounding area. The “Floating Gardens” project will blend harmoniously with woodlands, meadows and the agricultural zone. Zurich-based architects Wild Bär Heule will be responsible for realising this demanding project. Their concept was selected by a panel of experts in a quality assurance process. 
For a property developer to commission studies for two residential buildings from four architecture firms in Zurich, Zug and Lucerne is unusual and a sign of an excellent understanding of architecture. In the case of the new residences in Hasenbüel, it was clear to project manager Daniel F. Hauri from the outset that buildings in this sensitive location with such highly attractive natural surroundings need to meet the highest architectural standards as well as blending in with the urban and rural landscape – not just for the future inhabitants, but also to make sure that the development is accepted by the local community as a new element within the urban landscape. “Building is always a public act and entails a high level of responsibility. That is particularly true in such an exceptional location as Hasenbüel,” says Daniel F. Hauri. The planning application was submitted to the municipality of Zug at the end of September 2020.
Seamless integration into the environment
The plan is to build two slightly staggered buildings with 14 owner-occupied apartments (between 3.5 and 5.5 rooms), including two penthouse apartments. The site borders Friedbachtobel to the north and the Edenpark development to the south. To the west is the agricultural zone and – slightly lower down – the apartment blocks in Meisenbergstrasse. The building density is considered to be compatible with both the district itself and the surrounding landscape. The project fits naturally into the district: as well as closing an undeveloped gap on the hillside, it will also fulfil the promise of sensitive architectural planning. 
Fluid boundaries between nature and architecture
Special attention has been paid to spatial design and landscaping, with perennial hedges, flowering meadows and trees being integrated naturally into the slope, creating fluid boundaries between architecture and nature. The properties will feature balconies, loggias and terraces designed as hanging gardens, from which the project takes its name. Architect Sabine Bär: “By creating a design with multiple references to the exterior, we were able to give the project lightness and elegance. The geometry of the buildings on the side facing the lake will be finely structured by terracing. As well as meeting the planning specifications, the harmonious placement of the two structures, the design of the residential units and the restrained use of materials will provide an economically viable response to modern housing requirements. Inhabitants will be closer to the sky, sun and lake, with proximity to nature as a central element in terms of quality of life. The construction project respects Hasenbüel’s extremely attractive countryside as a source of peace and energy, which the inhabitants of Zug use as a local recreation area for walking and various sports activities.
Further information on the Floating Gardens project is available at www.floating-gardens.ch. Anyone interested in receiving advance information about the official start of marketing can register now via the website. 
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The central design element of the marketing campaign for the Floating Gardens project is flowers that are native to Zug. 

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