22 June 2018

Planning permit for the "Glasi-Quartier" in Bülach

Another milestone reached: the Bülach town authorities have granted planning permission for the Glasi-Quartier project. The go-ahead has thus been given for a vibrant urban district that is set to enhance this town at the heart of the Zürcher Unterland region. 
On Friday 22 June, the development partners Baugenossenschaft Glatttal Zürich, Logis Suisse and Steiner AG were awarded planning permission at Bülach town hall (Stadthaus) for the "Glasi-Quartier" district, thus marking a further milestone for this project. Barring any objections, planning permission will enter into force at the end of July so that preparations can proceed for the realisation of the new district. 
The three development partners have set themselves ambitious goals: they want to build a lively and varied new urban district on the site of the former Bülach glassworks. Once completed, a broad mix of dwelling units – low-cost cooperative flats, apartments for single people, shared accommodation and owner-occupied apartments – will bring people from all walks of life to the new quarter. With a substantial portion of the district earmarked for commercial uses, there will be space for shops, workshops, offices and catering outlets. The Glasi-Quartier will also accommodate a hotel, a care centre for the elderly and a childcare facility. By implementing the striking plans drawn up by the Zurich-based Duplex Architekten, the development partners will create an ideal setting for a lively district that will greatly enhance the town of Bülach. 
For further details of the Glasi-Quartier project, please visit glasi-bülach.ch.

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