22 March 2018

Explore the Werkarena in three dimensions

New website – new ownership opportunity
The Werkarena, which is currently being developed by Steiner AG, is a new building project in Basel offering commercial space, advanced infrastructure, a business centre and an innovative catering concept. Its new website (
www.werkarena-basel.ch) includes virtual tours illustrating how the different floors of the building may look when it is finished. The opportunity to purchase floorspace will be of particular interest to SMEs.
Werkarena Basel makes use of an ingenious system of ramps to provide access to attractive commercial space, and offers shared use of office areas, meeting and conference rooms, and catering facilities. Full information about this new location in the north of Basel can be found on the new Werkarena website. Three-dimensional, virtual views offer SMEs an easy way to explore the Werkarena's many potential uses. 
Discover the third Dimension
An attractive working environment is an important asset for attracting and retaining staff. Employees perform better when they feel comfortable in their workplace. The new Werkarena website therefore ensures that interested SMEs and their employees can explore the various floors and room layouts by means of realistic 3D animations. These feature sample scenarios which depict the actual dimensions of the reception area, meeting rooms, workspaces and conference rooms as realistically as possible. The viewing angle can be individually adjusted, and given that the building offers about 20,000 m2 of floorspace there are of course a large range of options available. An exterior view and a floor plan showing all the infrastructure services in detail may also be consulted. A virtual tour of the Werkarena allows interested parties to move freely through the planned areas. 
Flexible layout – from storage to offices
The upper floors of the Werkarena are a market place, forum and laboratory for new business models. The commercial and business park described in the plan offers fully equipped workspaces, including for short-term use. Seminar and conference rooms are also available for events. Meals and refreshments can be provided for guests and employees at any hour of the day, thanks to a sophisticated catering concept. The lower two floors of the Werkarena may be reached via robust ramps. These provide access for delivery vans, with ample space for loading or parking. The floor space can be used very flexibly for production, storage and offices. Heavy-duty goods and passenger lifts link the various levels, allowing easy movement around the building.
Prime location in the region
The Werkarena Basel is situated very close to the Novartis Campus and the Bell site. The nearby Swiss Innovation Park (SIP) in Allschwil is also only a few minutes’ drive from the Werkarena. It takes a mere 7 minutes to travel into Basel city centre and 8 minutes to get to the Rosental district, while St. Jakob Park is just 11 minutes away. Binningen can be reached in just 12 minutes. The A3 motorway runs from the Werkarena directly to Saint-Louis (France), Weil am Rhein (Germany) and towards Baden. In addition, the A18 to Laufen, the A22 to Itingen and the A2 through Sissach make the Werkarena Basel even more accessible. 
A project with wide support
The Werkarena is a broad-based initiative supported by the Basel-Stadt trade association, Business Parc Reinach, Steiner AG and smeyers AG, as well as other major companies.
Steiner AG
Steiner AG, one of the leading project developers and general/total contractors (GC/TC) in Switzerland, offers comprehensive services in the fields of new construction, refurbishment and real estate development. The company, which was established in 1915, has constructed more than 1,500 residential projects, 540 commercial properties, 45 hotels and 200 infrastructure facilities such as universities, schools, hospitals, retirement homes and prisons. Steiner AG has its headquarters in Zurich and is represented by branches in Basel, Berne, Geneva, Tolochenaz and Lucerne.
Information for the media
Steiner AG, Corporate Communications
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Information for prospective tenants and buyers
smeyers AG, Thomas Schneeberger
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Media Release as PDF
Werkarena Basel makes use of an ingenious system of ramps to provide access to attractive commercial space, and offers shared use of office areas, meeting and conference rooms, and catering facilities.

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