23 May 2017

Official opening of new 3i building at Münsterlingen cantonal hospital

After a build lasting nearly five years, today sees the official completion of the major 3i construction project at Münsterlingen cantonal hospital. General contractor Steiner AG, along with the building owner Spital Thurgau AG and the cantonal construction authorities in Thurgau, are delighted that this pioneering hospital construction project is now complete. 
New building 3i and the conversion and refurbishment works to the existing building sections were extensive and were undertaken under operating conditions, presenting a huge challenge. The total investment was around CHF 80 million, plus a number of smaller supplementary projects. It is likely that, despite the lengthy and phased delivery, the project will be delivered slightly under budget. Construction work took place under the auspices of the canton of Thurgau. Spital Thurgau was the lead in the last two years of the construction phase and has taken over the entire site, with the necessary finance and repayments. 
Process optimisation and high quality Standards
Modern internal processes and reliably high quality were the key concerns when redesigning and constructing the building. As initial experience had already shown: the new building and the upgraded sections now satisfy all the crucial medical requirements, provide a pleasant environment for patients, are conductive to efficient and swift working methods and offer plenty of scope for developments over the coming years. With the lightning-fast pace of medical advances these days (new technologies, improved diagnostic and treatment processes), hospital buildings must be able to keep pace in order to provide a high standard of service to patients and achieve the efficiency demanded by tight cost margins in healthcare. After almost 50 years during which only minor structural changes were made, the acute hospital was in urgent need of a complete overhaul and expansion in order to provide care in the eastern part of the canton of Thurgau. 
A visually stunning new building
With its prominent location, the new building plays an important role. Since the first Thurgau cantonal hospital was founded in the Benedictine monastery in Münsterlingen in 1840, regular additions have been made to the existing buildings, while always preserving the integrity of the original site. This was also true of the "Osttrakt 3i" extension, built by Steiner, which replaced an operating theatre suite dating from the 1970s and was ready for occupation in the 1st half of 2015. The three-storey new building, with a surface area of 7,200 m2 on each floor, blends seamlessly with the existing buildings. In her official speech, cantonal councillor Carmen Haag states: "We are delighted to have such a modern acute hospital to provide the best possible care for the people of the area. The hospital complex forms a wonderfully cohesive whole with the historic monastery on Lake Constance. And what is particularly gratifying is that, as things currently stand, this major project may well be delivered for slightly less than the credit facility originally agreed."
Combining the historical with the modern
As previously, visitors enter the wards via the main entrance on the ground floor. The extension is accessed via the new side entrance on the east side. Two atria flood the old and new sections of the building with daylight and integrate the most recent extensions into the existing facilities. 
The outpatient clinics are located on the ground floor and the ten state-of-the-art oper-ating theatres are on the first floor, along with the intensive care ward and the extended surgical outpatient clinic, while the lower ground floor houses a central sterile services department (CSSD). The concurrent alteration and refurbishment work on the existing treatment wing will also provide new premises for urology with two special operating theatres, medical diagnostics and treatment departments and the gynaecological clinic. The rear extension of the new wing emerges from the remodelled interior: the original main west-east corridor has been extended into the new section of the building and now connects the various wings. 
Project delivery with Steiner AG as general contractor (GC)
In 2012, Steiner AG was put in charge of the full renovation and construction of the new clinic, to be implemented under operating conditions in three phases. In his short speech, Steiner CEO Daniel Ducrey expressed his appreciation of the professional partnership: "Throughout every phase of the project, we have enjoyed a consistently harmonious and respectful working relationship. This augurs extremely well for further joint projects on this scale, such as the construction of the new pathology building (PathoE3 project) and the HORIZONT project at Frauenfeld cantonal hospital."

The biggest challenges during construction were those inherent in any construction project, such as demolition and dismantling, drilling, noise and dust, which placed considerable strain on everyone involved. Thanks to Steiner's extensive experience of planning, building and renovating acute hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation centres as well as retirement homes, the major project has now been successfully handed over to the building owner. The work carried out by Steiner AG on the new building 3i and the refurbishment of the existing wings covers a total floor area of 10,200 m2. The basis for the new building and renovation was a detailed operational plan to optimise patient routes and processes. Director of Münsterlingen cantonal hospital, Stephan Kunz, commented: "In 3i, we have created a hospital building that is not only functional but also pioneering and which satisfies international standards in hospital construction in terms of infrastructure and operational optimisation."
The latest expansion Project
The "Patho E3" project is still underway and is also being handled by Steiner AG. The new pathology building is being constructed on the site of the now defunct indoor pool and replaces a pavilion building belonging to the hospital which is ripe for demolition. The new building will comprise an area for sample collection plus office space, staff rooms, various laboratory and diagnostics facilities, an autopsy room, storeroom and archives. The new premises will be multifunctional, meaning that, in future, rooms can be repurposed for new diagnostic procedures or laboratory use. A new tunnel also connects the entire PH3 building complex with the hospital.
thurmed AG / Spital Thurgau AG
thurmed AG is a private-law company that brings together the public hospital of the Canton of Thurgau with its wide-ranging acute care services (Frauenfeld and Münsterlingen cantonal hospitals), psychiatric services and rehabilitation facilities (St. Katharinental hospital), as well as numerous smaller healthcare providers and regional service companies. The group has a total headcount of around 3,820. 
Steiner AG
Steiner AG is one of the leading project developers and general / total contractors (GC/TC) in Switzerland, offering comprehensive services in the fields of new construction, refurbishment and real estate development. The company, which was established in 1915, has constructed more than 1500 residential construction projects, 540 commercial properties, 45 hotels and 200 infrastructure facilities such as universities, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and prisons. Steiner AG has its headquarters in Zurich and is represented by branches in Basel, Berne, Geneva, Tolochenaz, Lucerne and St. Gallen.
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The three-storey new building at Münsterlingen cantonal Hospital blends seamlessly with the existing buildings.

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