23 March 2016

Steiner AG builds new eye clinic at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital

Steiner AG, together with client Lucerne Cantonal Hospital and architects Schneider & Schneider, is looking forward to celebrating completion of the hospital's new eye clinic at the end of March 2016, following a three-year construction period. The extension and refurbishment scheme covers a total area of around 10,200 m2.

The project for enlargement and full renovation of the existing eye clinic, to be implemented under operating conditions in three phases, was launched in February 2013, with Steiner AG in the role of lead designer and prime contractor. Thanks to the provision of additional temporary accommodation, the hospital was kept fully operational at all times. Having successfully completed over 60 healthcare projects nationwide, Steiner AG offers in-depth experience in the construction, alteration and refurbishment of hospitals and nursing centres. The extension and refurbishment works performed by Steiner AG cover a total gross floor area of 10,200 m2.

New eye clinic as eye-catcher
The new eye clinic building occupies a conspicuous location directly at the entrance to Lucerne Cantonal Hospital. The boldly styled L-shaped extension added by Steiner, which directly adjoins the existing five-storey block, creates a distinctive urban focus at the site entrance. The energy-efficient refurbishment measures included the installation of a new envelope enclosing the whole building ensemble: the rhythmic gridded assembly that wraps around the entire complex unites the different facade sections, and stitches together the new and the existing fabric.

Bright, contemporary atmosphere
The entrance lobby in the new eye clinic acts as the central hub providing clear routes to the various hospital areas, each with prominently located receptions and lively waiting zones. Orientation within the building is also facilitated by the glazed corridors overlooking the new internal courtyard. An open stairway leads directly down to the reception area of the outpatient surgical department, where natural toplighting creates a welcoming atmosphere for patients and visitors. The brightly designed public zones are finished with materials selected to meet hospital-specific requirements.

16.04.2016 – Open day for general public
Lucerne Cantonal Hospital invites all members of the public to an open day at the new eye clinic on Saturday, 16 April 2016, from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. The new facilities will be freely open for inspection.

Steiner AG
Steiner AG is one of the leading project developers and general / total contractors (GC/TC) in Switzerland, offering comprehensive services in the fields of new construction, refurbishment and real estate development. The company, which was established in 1915, has constructed more than 1200 residential construction projects, 540 commercial properties, 45 hotels and 150 infrastructure facilities such as universities, schools, hospitals, prisons and retirement homes. Steiner AG has its headquarters in Zurich and is represented by branches in Basel, Berne, Geneva, Tolochenaz, Lucerne and St. Gallen.

Information for the media
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