27 October 2015

Steiner AG welcomes Thurgau judgement - CEO Daniel Ducrey: "It's good that things can finally proceed"

Steiner AG has welcomed Thurgau Administrative Court's judgement concerning the awarding of the construction contract for the new hospital in Frauenfeld. The Administrative Court rejected the case brought by an unsuccessful bidder in all points.

The CEO of Steiner AG, Daniel Ducrey, believes the court's verdict is correct in both legal and, in particular, economic terms: "The awarding body clearly established that our offer was the best financially – by a margin of some 29 million Swiss francs. It would have been difficult to comprehend had the court found in favour of the claimant and thus burdened Thurgau's taxpayers with these additional costs. "

The claimant unsuccessfully contested the procedure for awarding the contract in court, claiming that Steiner AG should have been excluded from the tender process. In its judgement, however, Thurgau Administrative Court has now completely agreed with Steiner AG's arguments, concluding that the allegations of the unsuccessful bidder are unsubstantiated.

Steiner's CEO, Daniel Ducrey, is unhappy that the process has ultimately cost the general public money and, above all, time: "A country subject to the rule of law should of course ensure that there is a right to appeal against wrong contract award decisions. But at the same time the Administrative Court has also made it clear that it will not tolerate claims intended to delay construction projects and increase the cost to the general public. Such tactics ultimately damage the image of the entire construction industry."

Daniel Ducrey assumes that the unsuccessful bidder will accept the court judgement and clear the way for the swift construction of the new hospital in Frauenfeld: "Anything else would be irresponsible."

Steiner AG
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