30 September 2015

Ground-breaking ceremony for the «Im Römerpark» residential development

Steiner AG, together with the project owners Römerpark Immobilien AG and Logis Suisse AG, are holding a ground-breaking ceremony for the «Im Römerpark» residential development in Oberentfelden. This major project worth a total of some CHF 86 million consists of 19 buildings comprising 319 apartments and about 1,100 m2 of commercial space. Completion is scheduled for January 2019.

Today Steiner AG and the project owners are formally celebrating the commencement of construction work on the «Im Römerpark» housing project. Given its size, the project can be seen as a milestone for the community of Oberentfelden. In total, 19 buildings are to be constructed. Eleven of these have 5 above-ground storeys, all with identical floorplans. The other eight buildings comprise six low-rise blocks with 2-3 above-ground storeys and two elongated blocks with 4-5 above-ground storeys. As «total contractor», Steiner AG has design-and-build responsibility for the entire project.

Ample space for a whole new neighbourhood
A site in excess of 44,000m2 between Köllikerstrasse and Birkenweg will accommodate a whole new neighbourhood, offering a high quality of life for a broad clientele. A clear and uniform architectural idiom has been chosen for the «Im Römerpark» estate. According to the plans drawn up by Aarau-based architects Lämmli Architektur AG, the 19 blocks will be divided into five different building types, each of which will be integrated harmoniously into the surroundings. This also entails landscaping the spacious, park-like grounds, which will substantially enhance the future occupants' quality of life. In addition to extensive play and relaxation areas, there will be clumps of trees and shrubs, outdoor seating and grassed areas. The multi-family blocks will be interconnected by a network of winding footpaths and cycleways. These paths will be tarmacked and hence also suitable for elderly or less mobile people as well as parents with prams and buggies. All apartments will have either their own attractive garden or a large balcony allowing residents to enjoy the natural surroundings.

The apartments themselves will be modern and designed to high standards. The 160 spacious rental apartments (2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 rooms) will be owned by Logis Suisse AG, Baden. This community-based residential construction company has been working to provide inexpensive homes for over 40 years. The «Im Römerpark» development meets its demanding criteria in terms of quality, ecologically compatible construction and an infrastructure that serves the community's needs. «Im Römerpark» will feature not only a large room for communal use but four guest rooms that can be rented on a daily basis – the first such facility in the region.

With its attractive range of 2.5- to 5.5-room apartments, the development will appeal to families as well as single people and couples. The future owners can look forward to a modern standard of interior fit-out using high-quality materials. These will take account of the needs and wishes of the owners, who can thus give their creativity free rein. Here, too, high priority is being given to ecological construction techniques and to community values.

The 371 garage parking spaces will be directly accessible from all buildings. Above-ground parking spaces will be available for visitors. In addition, some 1,100 m2 of commercial space will be provided on Walter Bürstenstrasse/Köllikerstrasse. This will also serve as a barrier to reduce noise emissions for «Im Römerpark» residents.

Steiner AG
Steiner AG is one of Switzerland's leading project developers and total/general contractors, offering a comprehensive range of services for new-build, refurbishment and real estate development projects. Established in 1915, the company has constructed more than 1,200 residential projects, 540 commercial properties, 45 hotels and 150 infrastructure facilities such as universities, schools, hospitals, prisons and retirement homes. Steiner AG's headquarters are in Zurich and it is represented by branches in Basel, Berne, Geneva, Tolochenaz, Lucerne and St. Gallen.

Information for the media
Claude Sulser, Head HR & CorpCom, Steiner AG
Tel.: +41 58 445 20 12, claude.sulser@steiner.ch 

Information for prospective tenants and buyers

Markstein AG, Haselstrasse 16, 5401 Baden
Tel. +41 56 203 50 50, badenanti spam bot@marksteinanti spam bot.ch  
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Caption: Ample space for a whole new neighbourhood in Oberentfelden.

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