Paving the way for new developments


Careful balancing of chances and risks creates the basis in developing new real estate. In collaboration with property owners and investors, we define the goals of the respective real estate, analyse influencing factors and check project feasibility.


We create outstanding results in this way. Regardless of whether the development is for offices, administration buildings, industry, residential use or hotels. Even with highly complex projects such as universities, hospitals, and research and laboratory buildings as well as sports arenas. The development of complete city districts also benefits from our long experience and ability to connect with the right partners.


Areas of competency

  • Securing properties
  • Analysing market needs and potentials
  • Developing real estate strategies
  • Conducting architecture competitions
  • Conceptualising site and project developments
  • Calculating the returns of real estate
  • Acquiring investors and users
  • Commercializing real estate


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