Team spirit

Happy employees make our projects a success.


In real estate development, we view a project across its whole life cycle, which is also our approach to personal development: we wish to provide workspaces and settings in which our employees feel happy and appreciated, now and in the future. Spaces where they can unlock their potential and contribute their expertise to projects on a sustainable basis.

From skilled workers to site managers, our employees benefit from a variety of training opportunities and an annual personal development plan. Short decision-making processes, self-determined working and considerable autonomy are part of our philosophy and encourage meaningful collaboration.

Each year, we train 3 or 4 apprentices, one of whom attends the United School of Sports in Zurich. This enables young, high-level sportspersons to benefit from sound basic training and the opportunity of permanent employment at a later date. Fairness, team spirit and exceptional commitment are sustainable elements of our corporate culture.

In addition, a balanced mix of experienced employees and new recruits is also important to us. This way, we can combine innovative ideas with proven expertise and established values, and successfully integrate them in our construction projects. We support our employees towards the end of their careers by providing flexible pension plans and specialised courses, and ensure a seamless transition into retirement.



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