mehr als wohnen, Zürich

Turning a vision into reality.


Tomorrow's lifestyle is already reality in the Hunziker district in Zurich North. Featuring 13 apartment buildings, complemented by commercial, catering and communal facilities, the new Steiner-built cooperative development has created a sustainable, multi-generational neighbourhood. The flagship project demonstrates that large-scale construction schemes can meet the objectives of the "2000 watt" society.

The focus of the Hunziker development is quite literally on "mehr als wohnen" ("more than living") and achieving more than mere compliance with technical, insulation and proofing standards. It embodies a holistic approach for integrated living and working. Ground-floor shops and outlets, rentable guest apartments and communal herb gardens help to promote social cohesion. Moreover, with none of the approx. 1,300 residents owning his or her own car, everyone uses public transport.

The forward-thinking "mehr als wohnen" philosophy is also reflected in the development's architecture. None of the 13 buildings resembles any other, with facade compositions ranging from hybrid timber construction to single-leaf insulating blockwork and insulating concrete. The scheme thus doubles up as a testing ground for sustainable construction. Moreover, the design team consciously dispensed with long facade fronts in order to create a vibrant, heterogeneous ensemble. 

The Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF), a partner of UN-Habitat, has bestowed on "mehr als wohnen" one of the most prestigious international awards in the sphere of sustainability, namely the World Habitat Award 2016-17.



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