Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Steiner helps to shape the thinking processes and design methods of tomorrow.


As digitalisation progresses, Steiner is laying the foundations for efficient construction through across-the-board application of building information modelling (BIM). BIM is a model-based technology that uses digital information to optimise the design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure. It simplifies the selection and procurement of the elements in the model, automatically delivers updated cost estimates and optimises the material tracking and monitoring processes.

Steiner uses the innovative BIM method to design all its development projects. For the major Glasi Quarter project, which combines innovative urban design with a high quality of life and state-of-the-art development methods, the entire design team already works fully in accordance with the BIM method. The Glasi project office in Bülach (Canton of Zurich) ranks among Switzerland's biggest BIM labs.

The digital BIM information provides valuable input for analyses and is used to optimise life-cycle costs even before the facility management phase begins. This can reduce building maintenance costs from the start while at the same time boosting energy and floorspace efficiency. New digital methods and sustainable technologies, such as building information modelling, help Steiner to streamline processes, cut costs, improve the ecological profile of projects and increase customer satisfaction.



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