Our social and ecological commitment: the only project we will never complete.


We at Steiner believe that unstinting engagement is a driver of positive change. We take inspiration from colleagues and partners who think proactively and get jobs done. This is the key to pioneering accomplishments that benefit the environment, business, healthcare and society.

We are committed to the sustainable implementation of projects – for the sake of our planet

As real estate professionals, we know that all projects need a solid foundation. At Steiner, decision-making and project delivery are governed by a sustainable mindset: every day, we pause to ask ourselves if what we are doing is sustainable. Sites and materials are carefully selected with the aim of achieving robust and durable forms of construction. We embrace digital design methods for paperless working and promote cross-team collaboration. All our efforts are geared to the single goal of boosting project efficiency and reducing the negative impacts on our planet. At the same time, we seek to give something back to society. 

Below you will find further examples of our social and ecological commitment.

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